About Us


Living Coasts is the UK’s only coastal zoo dedicated to protecting marine and coastal species across the world. Based in Devon we provide a home to an amazing range of bird and animal species including penguins, seals, wading birds, blue spotted rays, cuttlefish, otters and seahorses.

As a conservation charity we work on a number of projects, both in the UK and abroad, aimed at raising the profile of endangered species, working on captive breeding programmes and environmental education for all ages. We encourage Fair Trade products and green ethics.

We contribute to “Project Penguin”, a partnership project aimed at boosting wild populations of African penguins.

On the other side of the world we are working in the Philippines on the Bakhwan Eco-project helping to replant mangroves and thus providing new habitat for wildlife as well as protecting mangrove people from the effects of tropical storms and tidal waves.

Here at home we work with other local organisations on activities and events to encourage people to take an active role in protecting their coastal environment.

Planet Penguin is our on-line shop, launched in 2009; unsurprisingly it sells all things penguin! All the profits from the sales are ploughed back into the zoo and our conservation projects so buying a gift from us means not only will you be giving someone a fantastic present but also you are contributing to our work to protect the marine environment across the world.